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The UK has long had the reputation of being a nation of animal lovers, and way back in 1822 we were the first country to bring into legislation animal protection laws.

According to the latest annual "Paw Report" into animal wellbeing report available from the PDSA "Paw Report 2019" in the UK there are 9.9 million dogs and 10.9 million cats!

Well here at Saddlemount Cards we definitely love our animals - we currently have both a dog and a cat. 

Our dog is a 3 year old cross breed, her dad was a pedigree Rough Collie and her mum was half Staffy and half Whippet, which makes for an interesting mix - she looks like a Border Collie with a small head! She is called "Penny" and we couldn't have hoped for a dog with a sweeter nature. She is both intelligent and obedient, well for the majority of the time that is!

Penny's best friend is "Pussy" (yes that really is her name), our 6 year old cat - we were driving home one day and saw a sign propped up on a gate saying "Kittens £5" - Roy and I hadn't even discussed having a cat but we had both had cats in the past so we couldn't resist knocking on the door to ask to see the kittens. Once in we were, of course, hooked!

We chose Pussy because she was the smallest kitten cowering in a corner, and oh how things have changed in the intervening 6 years! She is now a fierce hunter who leads her own small gang of neighbourhood cats ( I kid you not!) and woe betide anyone who steps into her territory!

Penny and Pussy Chilling Out She is also the boss when it comes to Penny - we bought Penny a new basket recently but as you can see from the photo it's Pussy who gets to sleep in it and Penny lies on the floor beside her, with her beloved Teddy Bear!

We don't know what breed Pussy is but she's very scruffy and has a look of a small Maine Coone, or Norwegian Forest Cat about her. Pussy Cat

We would like to get some animals but at the moment the demands of our business makes that impossible but in the next few years we might get some pymgy goats and I would like some llamas!

Obviously with our love of animals it is only natural that we would have our own unique range of Dog and Cat Greetings Cards. We have not only  a lot of what we would call "traditional" breeds available, but also some of the lesser known breeds.

What could be better than sending a Border Collie Birthday Card to a Border Collie owner, etc?

We have also just designed a 2 new ranges of Dog and Cat Christmas Cards which we'll be adding to the web site over the next week or so, allowing plenty of time for you to stock up for Christmas. Cockerpoo Dog Christmas Card

And as you would expect from Saddlemount Cards they are not your standard Christmas offerings!

Sue Robertson

September 2020

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  • I just love the Christmas cards I ordered from you ( Border Collie Dog Xmas Cards)the quality of them is great and I will look into using you for more Cards in the future. Thank you Jacky.

    Jacqueline Wheeldon on

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