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I started to write this blog post just as the New Year arrived and I loved the rhyme in the title - well it's now March and I'm only just about to publish it so it's not so new now! 

Where has the time gone? Well the short answer is I don't know!

Roy has been so busy creating masses of new designs and he has a new "secret" project on the go.

street art birthday card

First of all let's talk about the new designs - among other things he's been creating a new line of birthday cards, in a graffiti/ street art style.

"Street Art" is the term used for any visual artwork created in a public space for the public to be able to enjoy.

When I was young ( a long time ago now!) you rarely saw anything that could be classed as "Street Art" whereas now it flourishes, especially in cities.

Personally I love Street Art and think it brightens up many a dull space and if you are interested in reading about the history of Street Art in the UK take a look at this article: "History of Street Art in the UK".

street art birthday card

Possibly the most famous of all street artists is the illusive Banksy, maybe "Saddlemount Cards" can become the greetings card equivalent of Banksy?? (Big aspirations there I think!). 

Roy  likes his cards to be a little different from the mainstream and I think that these definitely qualify!

 Personally I just love these new designs and we both hope that you do too!

Now I mentioned about Roy's "secret" project - well I've never been good at keeping secrets - so if you promise not to let him know I've told you - I'll let you in on the secret......

........He's currently creating a new portfolio of Art Prints - all original art created by him and under the banner of "Rougie Art". Okay I know I'm biased but I honestly think it's his best work to date!

He's got about 25 designs which he feels are good enough for sale but I think there's at least double that from the work he's produced so far.

As I said in a previous blog post Roy has Synesthesia which means the colours he sees have to be "right" for him to consider a piece of work fit for sale.

 He's working on a variety of collections in different styles  but as this blog post is about  "Street Art" I'll give you a sneak preview of one of the pieces from his Graffiti Collection.

He's currently waiting for the delivery of a new printer which will be capable of producing up to A2 size prints ( a massive 42mm x 594mm). Unfortunately  we're not too sure of the timescale as there are none of these particular printers in the UK at the moment!  And of course when it arrives we'll have to work out how to use it - which will be no mean feat for us couple of "oldies"!










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  • I just wanted to say how very pleased I was with the Labrador Squadron card which I received recently. It was amusing and well-made. I think it will be very well-received… by the owners,,, and by the dog!

    Helen on

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