We like to mix it up a bit here at Saddlemount Cards!

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Many card companies have a particular style to their card designs - there are lots of card companies I can think of where, if their cards where mixed up in a random pile of cards, you would be able to pick them out easily.

It could be the image style, or the fact that they only use a particular background, or maybe they only work in a particular medium, or that they have a linked theme. 

Now there's nothing wrong with that but here at Saddlemount Cards® we like to mix it up a bit!

So if you asked me what is the style that defines Saddlemount Cards® I'd have to say: "Well it's like this......."

boston terrier dog birthday card Saddlemount Cards®

When we first got started with our designs we had no idea how large our catalogue would be, and we just thought that as we love dogs and cats  so much it would be good to make some "nice" dog and cat cards!

If you want to know about our own dog and cat I've written an earlier blog post about them.


dachshund dog christmas cards Saddlemount Cards®


Most of our earlier designs could be described as quite cute and I have to admit that I'm rather fond of all our "cute and fluffy" looking cards and each year we keep adding to them, especially at Christmas time! 

However over the years we developed quite a large range of Gothic and Horror Cards, featuring skulls, ravens, vampires, zombies and other nefarious creatures of the night! 

funny skull card Saddlemount Cards®

As an aside, have you ever thought about how many different types of skull designs there are?

Granted it's not the normal thing most people think about when munching their morning cereal but you'd be surprised at how many different ones there are - Plain skulls, floral skulls, Day of the Dead skull, and funny skulls to name just a few, and our skull range seems to have most of them!


graffiti style birthday card Saddlemount Cards®

Roy is now moving into a new phase with his designing and he has produced a number of Graffiti  Art Style Cards - move over Banksy - you may just have a challenger for your street artist crown, that's if Roy can upscale from an A5 size design to a full wall! 

Another range which is currently being designed and developed is best described as our movie poster range.

As the name suggests these are going to be in the style of classic movie art posters where multiple images fade into one another.

So far we've only got 3 designs we consider to be good enough, as these are taking a lot of time to get right.

Roy constantly has a notepad by his side so he can do rough sketches of the layout he wants and then he has to somehow make them come to life on the computer screen.

He's tried to explain to me all the steps needed to create the finished article but he could be speaking in Swahili for all the sense it makes to me!

Needless to say, as with all of our cards, these designs will be totally unique and exclusive to Saddlemount Cards®.

We think that most of the "movie poster" style cards will also be suitable for making into art prints, infact I think they will look even better when reproduced in a larger size!

I don't think we'll have the luxury of being bored over the next few months!

As for the future, well who's knows what designs will spring into Roy's rather unique brain!







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  • I was looking for something different and personal fo our ‘Grand-dog’s’ birthday card and was delighted to find Saddlemount Cards. Great service, great quality card and envelope and a ‘not on the high street’ design. So glad I’ve found you.

    Alison on

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