Why Bother Sending a Greetings Card?

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It might seem a strange question for a Greetings Card seller to ask, but "Why bother sending a Greetings Card?".

Greetings Card PostboxIn this day and age surely it's a lot easier just to send a quick text or drop a message onto "What's App"?

However the very fact that it is easier to send a quick text gives you the reason why you should still be sending Greetings Cards!

Taking time to choose an appropriate card for the person and occasion, shows the recipient that you care enough about them to take that extra time out of,what is probably, your busy schedule, just for them.

Receiving a hand written Greetings Card can trigger all sorts of feelings and emotions for the recipient, feelings that a quick text, with a few emojis thrown in for good measure, can never deliver!

I wonder how many of you reading this have a "Keepsake Box" somewhere in your home which has a pile of cards in it which are too precious to throw away? 

Keepsake boxI've certainly got one - it's got my sons's special newborn baby cards in it, my wedding cards, cards that have made me laugh, cards that have made me smile, and some that have even made me cry! All special to me for lots of different reasons. My phone on the other hand has hundreds of messages on it which every so often I go through and delete - none of them will survive through to my next phone upgrade!  

Years ago the main reason for sending a card was for someone's Birthday, an Engagement, Wedding, or a Bereavement, but nowdays there are cards available for all sorts of occasions, with all sorts of sentiments on them - infact the latest official figures from the Greetings Card Association shows that in 2017 £1.7 billion was spent by the UK public on Greetings Cards! 











Now if you have stuck with me to end of this post I hope you will see the importance,even in this digital age which we now live in, that a hand written message on a Greetings Card still has.

So, if you see a card you like, and think "Oh that would cheer Aunti Vi up" ( do people still have "Auntie Vi's these days?) then you won't hesitate to buy it, and send it to her, so that her day can be made just that extra bit special!



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