Our Story


My name is Sue, and together with my husband, Roy, we run Saddlemount Cards®.

My job is to do all the marketing, packaging and shipping, whilst Roy designs and makes all our products.

Our story is a little corny I'm afraid! -

Our Wedding 2014

We got married in 2014 after a whirlwind internet romance and Roy left his beloved Scotland to come down to England to marry me. Everyone said it would never last but here we are 5 years later, happy together ( I did warn you it was corny!) and running a number of businesses, of which Saddlemount Cards is just one!   

We didn't set out to run businesses but Roy had left a good job and couldn't find a similar one in the locality so he decided to create his own job!

Roy is actually a vintage watch specialist so he started to run a market stall selling watches. I had an unused CD printer and asked could he make and design some cheap and cheerful CD Clocks. I won't tell you what his reply was but for a man who is a Grade 1 watchmaker, asking could he make a CD clock was a little insulting to say the least!!

Early CD Clocks

We soon realised that we could do better at a specialist market rather than a general one so we ventured onto the artisan Makers Markets around Manchester & Cheshire, initially just selling our little clocks, and also tin plaque clocks.Although we did well we were shocked at how many people told us that they couldn't tell the time on a clock without numbers!

Mugs and Clocks

We realised that we had to expand our product range and we then learnt how to design. and print our own range of ceramic mugs and drinks coasters.

After a couple of years on the markets the winter weather was too much for our old bones so we switched to selling online.

Fast forward to 2019 and we decided to add Greetings Cards to our range of products. We started off creating a specialist range of cards, "Immortally Yours Designs", and then a more conventional range.

Very quickly we realised that we should have all our cards and gifts on an independent website and so "Saddlemount Cards®" was born!

Sue Robertson

May 2019.