It may only be July but Christmas is coming....

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We're in the middle of July and today the weather outside is scorching,  but for the last few weeks our minds and attention have been firmly fixed on one thing, and one thing only - Christmas! 

Ready or not Christmas is coming.....and fast!

Christmas - Saddlemount Cards

I can hear your groans loud and clear - "what on earth is she doing mentioning Christmas now, the woman must be mad!!!!"

On line businesses are no different to traditional bricks and mortar retail shops - you have to be thinking ahead and planning for what is traditionally the busiest season of the year.

Now if you've been following Saddlemount Cards® for a while you'll know that it is my husband who creates all our designs - well he's been on fire this year with Christmas designs! In fact he's created so many new designs that we've decided to put some aside for Christmas 2022!!

Now it's great to have so many new designs (120 at the last count) but it's been quite a job getting them all ready and listed on the site, and then of course we've got to start printing them to build up our stock levels.

border collie christmas card , Saddlemount Cards

If you've read my previous blog post you'll know that we are both animal lovers so it goes with out saying that lots of our new designs are of course dog  related. 

 This year not only have we got all the popular dog breeds, we've also tried to cater for those dog owners with less popular breeds. However I'm sure we'll have a request for one we don't stock!

cats christmas card, Saddlemount Cards


 Now of course we don't want all our cat lovers to be left out so there are some beautiful cat cards as well. 

This is one of my personal favourites and will be the one I will be sending to all my cat loving friends!



Not everyone of course is as animal minded as we are, so we've also expanded our non furry or hairy ranges!

This year we've introduced some Christmas Cards which are region related:

Liverpool Christmas Card, Saddlemount Card


 At the moment we've got a Liverpool design (as featured here), a funny Scottish one, a Geordie one, a Welsh one, and 2 for Manchester ( one for the Red side of the city, and one for the blue side).

Our Retro and Vintage inspired Birthday Cards have proved to be very popular so this year we've added some more Retro and Vintage themed Christmas Cards as well.

retro christmas cards, saddlemount cards

 Not everyone, of course, likes, or wants, to have a traditional Christmas, and that includes sending a mainstream Christmas Card.

For this reason we've always had a range of alternative Christmas Cards which we hope will satisfy their requirements.

 This year we've added to our alternative range and have cards for people who like Skulls, people who are fans of the Zombie genre, and for those who like all things Goth and Gothic!

gothic raven christmas card

 So to finish off, I hope this blog post has given you a flavour of the wide range of Christmas Cards which we have available this year, each one a unique, original design in a large A5 size so it will stand out on anybody's mantlepiece!

 Sue Robertson

17th July, 2021



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