Our New Adventure Begins.......

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2023 was the year for us to embark on a new adventure ......we've relocated to Scotland!

When we got married Roy moved down from Scotland to England on the condition that he would live there for 2 years and then we would both move back to Scotland. Well after nearly 10 years we finally got round to making that move!

With the ongoing demands of our business we did not have the luxury of time to be travelling up to Scotland to work out where we wanted to be so as befitting an online business we did all our research online and bought our new home without even visiting either it, or the area!

So has it been a huge mistake or a resounding success?.......

.......It's been the best thing we've ever done, apart from getting married that it is!

BlairgowrieTown Hall

We live just outside of Blairgowrie, which is a lovely quaint town in Perthshire.

In the centre of town most of the buildings are built from a distinctive coloured stone - this is the Town Hall.

The River Ericht runs through the town and the main photo for this post shows the river .

It certainly is very different from where we used to live and the biggest difference I've found is just how friendly people are!


We're also lucky enough to be within walking distance of a small woodland and a couple of lochs so I think our dog thinks she has died and gone to doggy heaven!

Loch at Sunset

 This is a photo of the Loch taken at sunset on one of our  walks.

I took it on my phone with no filters added.

How lucky I feel to be able to live in this beautiful location with this on our doorstep!
















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