Manchester Red Worker Bee Mug.

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This high gloss, Manchester Red Worker Bee Mug features 3 vintage style bees with  2 red banners.The banners say "Manchester" on one, and, "Worker Bee" on the the other. This a lovely mug for anyone who is from, or likes , Manchester, especially if they support the "Red" side of the City.
* Top grade "Durham" style 10fl.oz mugs.
* High gloss finish. 
* Hard wearing.
* Dishwasher & microwave safe.
* Unique designs, created by us .
* Design printed directly onto the mug's surface using a high definition sublimation ink.
* Vibrant true to life colours.
* We do all our own printing - this ensures the high quality of our products!
The mug is cello wrapped and then packed into a smash proof plain white gift box.  This is then packed into a postal box, padded with shredded paper.
All Mug Designs Copyright: Saddlemount Ltd 2019